Counseling For Teens (11+)

Looking for a relatable therapist your child can connect with?

Are you a parent who struggles to understand your child's behavior and can't figure out how to help them?

Being a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities any human being can have. We all want our kids to be safe and successful. However when they’re having challenging behaviors it makes us worry about their future.

At Fully Connected Counseling we help teens through the crucial yet troubling period of their life. With therapy, teens are offered help to identify and solve misunderstandings and problems, develop coping mechanisms and get inner peace through self-discovery.

There are a lot of issues and feelings your child might be facing, and we won’t ignore them at Fully Connected Counseling!

We cater to several problems, including:

We use clinical proven methods for therapy; the most common one is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which can help your child overcome depression, anxiety, and impulsive decisions.

We will help your child:

Teens who ca't control their emotions often lash out on loved ones or might even isolate themselves forming a dark view on the world or even worse, suicidal thoughts. At Fully Connected Counseling, we will help your child cope with their intense emotions so they can have a successful healthy life!

Parents will be involved in the Treatment Process

At Fully Connected Counseling we ensure that parents are involved throughout the treatment process. We help parents understand normal and abnormal child development and also teach them new ways on how to handle their children. Therapy can help shed light on root causes to why your child behaves the way they do. We will provide guidance and tools for you and your child so they can have a bright future!

You’re not alone and should not feel ashamed. Get connected today with a trustworthy therapist who can relate to what your child is facing.

Your child’s feelings matter, let them express and talk in a safe and healthy environment where there won't be any judgment.

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